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Through Separation and Divorce Everyone's Path is Different

Through Separation and Divorce Everyone's Path is Different

One of the Most Important things you need to do, is decide which process suits your unique situation. From uncontested divorce to mediation, find out what is right for you. Our expert staff are here to guide you — whether you already have an agreement or need help getting there. 

As the Founder of Uncontested Divorce my goal is to empower you. Helping you engage in genuine listening and assertive communication while you advocate for your position. 

Where do I start?

Going through divorce and separation is tough and everyone goes through it differently. If you do not know where to start, please book a 15 minute phone call with us to learn about the different options available to you.

If you are ready to apply for your Divorce - Submit Your Application

Joint Divorce Applications Starting at $1520.00 without children, $1782.50 with children. Includes drafting, review, arranging for signing either in person or remotely, witnessing, commissioning, filing with the court, GST and court filing fees.

Book a 15 minute phone call

Choose a time and date to speak with a knowledgeable person to learn more about the different options we have available for you.

Book a Meeting to Get Started

Book an in-person meeting to get started or consultation if you require more information. We can typically complete your uncontested divorce documents in an hour, and if you require assistance with the division of family property - the meeting can be extended.

About Uncontested Divorce Solutions


Uncontested Divorce Solutions provides options for individuals in Edmonton and other communities within Alberta who are separated and want help. The good news is that you are not alone and there are options to the traditional system of battling things out in a courtroom.

uncontested divorce solutions

Divorce and separation is experienced differently by everyone. We are here to help.


In Alberta there are three grounds for divorce - adultery, cruelty and 12 months of separation.  A divorce may be initiated at any time, however if you are filing under the grounds of adultery or cruelty the perpetrator must be willing to sign an affidavit.  If you are filing under the grounds of 12 months of separation, then the divorce may be initiated and the remaining documents filed 12 months plus one day after separation. We offer two options - either complete an online application or come in for a one hour meeting where we will complete the documents.

There is no legal requirement to have a separation agreement in Alberta, however for many reasons having one can be a good idea.  If you have property to divide, wish to have your decisions documented, or will require financing now or in the future a separation agreement is required. We can help you, and offer two options - if you have all of your decisions made, then we offer a flat fee agreement, or alternatively if you require mediation (information and a third party neutral to facilitate your conversations and document decisions).

We always recommend that each Party seek independent legal advice (ILA).

We are here to help.

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