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About Uncontested Divorce Solutions

Uncontested Divorce Solutions is an alternative to the traditional system of litigation. We assist clients in Edmonton, Alberta wanting to separated or divorce by providing options including the divorce application and filing with the courts.  The good news is that you are not alone and there are options to the traditional system of battling things out in a courtroom.


Meet Carlene Stabile

As a Nationally Chartered Mediator, my passion is helping individuals to make the separation and divorce process less stressful, less costly, and more efficient. My goal is to assist parties with the division of family (matrimonial) assets, the calculation of child support and spousal support and to create parenting plans that work for your family. 

With a background in finance, I understand important issues such as valuation including property, business, defined benefit and defined contribution pensions, registered and non- registered investments including stock portfolios and retirement savings, debt, mortgages and credit restructuring and the effects on taxation (now and in the future).

I learned from personal experience the damage that the adversarial legal system can do to both your family and net worth, and work hard to help you reach resolution, so that you can move on with your lives.

I have taught at the University level finance, mediation and negotiation and bring to you a balanced, fair approach to resolution.

As a lifelong learner, I continue to strengthen my skills by upgrading my skills at workshops and courses.  

I believe in community, giving back and volunteer as a member of Search and Rescue Dog Association of Alberta as a dog handler.  

Designations and memberships:
  • FCSI – Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Industry
  • CFP – Chartered Financial Planner
  • CIM – Canadian Investment Manager
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration – University of Alberta
  • C. Med – Chartered Mediator
  • ADRIA – Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta
  • ADRIC – Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada

Any Questions?

You can book a 15 minute phone call with us to help you determine which services we offer for your specific needs. We can also help answer any general questions you may have for us. 

To get started, please select a date that is the most convenient for your 15 minute phone call.


Carlene is very thorough she explained everything very clearly to me, follow-ups were consistent. I tried to do my papers on my own and never really got anywhere just ended up wasting my money on processing and sending the papers to my ex internationally. Carlene helped me and it was done in no time. Highly recommended top-notch quality service.


Carlene was a great person to discuss your tough situation. She was helping us so well. The price and work are so clear. I wish nobody would have to face the situation of divorce, but if you do, I would recommend you to meet Carlene. Thank you.


After having been separated from my ex for over 2 years, we wanted to get our divorce finalized. Carlene made the process super easy and the fees were more than reasonable. She was a sweet woman and very easy to deal with, she answered all of my questions and was very efficient in getting the paperwork together and filed. Thanks again


Good Experience. Carlene was great. Helped us a tonne. Not totally completed yet (waiting on the courts) But with her guidance we are optimistic. Easy to use, friendly.


Carlene was efficient and friendly, and I would recommend her services to any couple who has agreed upon the terms of their divorce in advance.