Divorce and Separation

Divorce and Separation

People often misunderstand how separation and divorce work, as well as the timing. In Alberta, while frequently it is a good idea, a separation agreement is not legally required, however many people do require one when they are seeking financing or looking to split pensions. Uncontested Divorce Solutions is here to help.


Divorce is the legal ending of your marriage with the court.  The legislation recently changed (The Divorce Act March 1, 2021), increasing the complexity of the requirements to file for divorce.  There are two types of divorce – Uncontested and Contested.  In Alberta – the court allows three grounds for divorce – 12 months of separation (living separate and apart even in the same home, adultery or cruelty. 


Separation can be stressful and we work with you to provide a clear and concise roadmap. 
A separation agreement is a detailed agreement that uncouples all of the financial connections between two people (married or living together). It provides clear details regarding the family property, child support, parenting and spousal support.

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